About Us

Aardvark, Inc. was first born in a garage in 1988 as a video production business. In 1996, the business was purchased by Jim and Lynn Child. At this time, a new web development division was created. Since then, video production has been phased out and web development increased. Over the years, we have had many great customers and have accumulated much experience in Internet technology.

Today, we are a small but viable company. We have incorporated the use of vendor packages, both in CMS and in eCommerce, while maintaining the ability to offer customized solutions. Our focus is websites that are device independent in appearance. Our platform and partnership continues to be with Microsoft products.

Our future holds great potential.  Aardvark will continue in looking for cost efficient ways for our customers to reach their goals. Mobility and cloud services will allow us one avenue in accomplishing this.

Why Choose Aardvark?


Aardvark has experience in multiple business markets and technical areas.  We have served all sizes of businesses - from large corporations to small independents in industry, retail, construction, medical, legal, education and nonprofits, for over 20 years.  Take a look at our work to see some of the types of businesses we have served.

Our knowledge of business and web has made Aardvark a recognized leader in Northwest Ohio.


Aardvark offers a wide range of pricing for both small and large web applications.  Give us a call or email us with your web development needs.  We can provide you with an estimate for your project. 

Clouse Construction would highly recommend Aardvark for your web and multimedia needs. We couldn't be happier with their work and our results. Recently we have received several new contracts, and the owners told us that after they visited our website, they were convinced that Clouse Construction should be their #1 choice for their next construction project. I would like to add that one of the company’s headquarters is located in another state; and without the website, they stated that they would have had little information on Clouse Construction, and after reviewing the website, they decided to contract with Clouse Construction for a major project.

Lenny Clouse, President
Clouse Construction

Aardvark has made it possible for us to be in control of the information we want our patients and community to see. By helping us with a content management system for our website, Aardvark has unlocked a whole new world of capability in keeping our patients updated and informed about our practice and current medical-related issues. As overwhelming as it sounds, Aardvark's products and training make it possible for someone without an IT background to be completely proficient in maintaining a website. And for us, that is priceless!.

Crystal K. Clark, Human Resource Manager,
Blanchard Valley Medical Associates, Inc.